love your neighbor -Jesus

If you are a Christian, you are probably aware of one of Jesus’s most fundamental exhortations: “love your neighbor.” And when you go to church, everybody focuses on the fact that Jesus preaches love, and they skimp over the “your neighbor” part. But I would like to focus on the “your neighbor” part of the quote. Because if you think about it, it’s fine to hate someone half way around the world. The hell with them! You don’t have to get along with them. You don’t interact with them. But it is crucial that you get along with your neighbor. Because you see them every day. It is better that you get along with your neighbor, than with a relative half way around the world whom you never see. The genius in the quote is not just “love”; it is the neighborly aspect of life that Jesus recognizes.



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George Shetuni

I am an author of fiction, essays, and poetry. I also enjoy blogging. In my blog, I write about self help, motivation, and literature.

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