Morning tea

I walk downstairs outside
close large door behind me
Stand in front of building,
Sip my mug of tea and look ahead,

I knew the weather would be bad
All alone, dark skies up above
So unfriendly to my mood
I force my self to stay out

That’s where all the people are
Two neighbors and a repairman
At pharmacy drive through I see a car,
Turns on lights, as if to acknowledge me

I seek discomfort
Just gazing out into the distance
Sipping tea, all alone, in public
I give up and walk towards side of building

More privacy here
I sit on patio chair
Beneath gray and gloomy skies
Must pick cherry tomatoes, back of building

Arms moving, clearing branches
all thoughts lost in work
Get this, get that,
Neither happy nor sad

Side of building, patio chair,
I sit down again
Cherry tomatoes on window pane
I look out into space

Dark skies seem less hostile
I could sit here all day,
I turn head to street, neighbors gone.
Repairman now talking to repair woman

Not a soul in front.
Ominous gray clouds above,
Feels like a storm
Looking, only looking

People don’t like to meditate
it’s hard to be alone with your thoughts
Doing nothing, just being
The mind needs occcupation

I hope nobody catches me doing nothing,
That would ruin it
I give up, and walk upstairs.
Why did I have to come inside?

Good thing nobody caught me alone with my thoughts
That would drive them away
People don’t like to see others alone with their thoughts
When in public one can’t be alone with his thoughts

Was I even thinking?
I was not thinking… I was feeling.
Good thing nobody caught me alone with my feelings
That would drive them away

Looking out living room window at gray skies
What did Shakespeare say?
Skies like these do not clear up without a storm
But it stormed here last night… the end

Published by

George Shetuni

I am an author of fiction, essays, and poetry. I also enjoy blogging. In my blog, I write about self help, motivation, and literature.

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