Motivational Quotes 3/24/23

Happiness is almost never pure; usually it stems from a sort of pressure, that also creates discomfort or even pain in some other way.

When sick, let time do its healing

Setting dictates action

The young wish to be old; the old wish to be young.

Good luck doesn’t catch you; only bad luck catches you. (mom)

Half of happiness is on the inside; the other half is on the outside.

Don’t judge someone by where he comes from; judge him by who he is.

Happiness is in the here and now.

Give a man work and give him his purpose.

The future belongs to the ones who prepare for it today. (Malcolm X)

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George Shetuni

I am an author of fiction, essays, and poetry. I also enjoy blogging. In my blog, I write about self help, motivation, and literature.

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