Motivational Quotes 4/26/23

Some mistakes made in youth we are left to pay for the rest of our lives.

The young look forward; the old look backward.

We are both the main character and the audience to our own life.

Depriving yourself of what you don’t truly enjoy, is in fact a unique pleasure.

It is better to go down swinging than watch yourself strike out.

You may miss many, but then you hit a home run.

If fate exists, it must apply not just to every human, but to every spec of sand in the desert.

History is like a fine wine; it gets better with age.

The classics may survive the test of time but never by much.

Mistakes will happen. You can’t prevent all of them. Focus on the reaction, not just prevention.

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George Shetuni

I am an author of fiction, essays, and poetry. I also enjoy blogging. In my blog, I write about self help, motivation, and literature.

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