Motivational Quotes 2/10/23

Joy is happiness for no reason. -popular

It is in seeing others go about their day that we get the courage to go on with our own.

You have to leave home to be successful – popular
You don’t have to leave home to be successful. -Martin Sensemeyer (actor)

Life is not a blank page. While it is unscripted, it is full of roles-first, last, insider, outsider, rich, poor-and our relationships, how well we get along with each other, stem not just from our innate natures, but from whether our societal roles stand in alliance with or in opposition to one another.

We all know what others should do with their lives. It is in our own life that we do not know what to do with.

Your goals are reachable if you can think practically, if you can be patient, and if you can work hard

Do you think my friend anyone escapes his fate? -Herman Hesse (Siddhartha)

You do fit in, if you believe you do -Jeremy Linn (Basketball player)

Gifted people don’t do hard things well; they make hard things easy to do, and then they do them

It’s the look that makes one beautiful, not just the face

Way of the World

The trees were pretty
so of course they had to be cut down…

Does anything beautiful stand a chance?
I was young and happy once

So of course I had to be cut down
Because that’s just the way it goes

I’m not as happy as I used to be
Just because I am older and wiser

Back then I didn’t know I’d end up like this
I had so much hope and joy

it felt like being on top of the world
This feels closer to the bottom

Ordinary is the best I can do
Ordinary is the best the world can do

The world cannot support beauty
The young lose their joy when they grow up

The world cannot support what’s special
That’s why what’s special is so rare

The excellent must be made average
The great must be reduced to good

Nothing reaches its full potential
Only a small fraction of what’s possible can be realized

The trees were pretty
So of course they had to be cut down!

Nothing beautiful stands a chance
Not for long, not for ever

Decay is the way of the world
Unfairness and injustice are the norm

That’s what upsets me most
I hate it when that happens

And it’s happened to me and you
And there ain’t nothing we can do about it

Except to reflect and to write

Menyra e Botes (Albanian)

Pemët ishin të bukura
kështu që sigurisht që ata duhej të shkurtoheshin…

A ka ndonjë shans ndonjë gjë të bukur?
Dikur isha i ri dhe i lumtur

Pra, sigurisht që më duhej të shkurtohesha
Sepse kështu shkon

Nuk jam aq i lumtur sa dikur
Vetëm sepse jam më i vjetër dhe më i mençur

Atëherë nuk e dija se do të përfundoja kështu
Kisha shumë shpresë dhe gëzim

më dukej sikur isha në krye të botës
Kjo ndjehet më afër në fund

Ordinere është më e mira që mund të bëj
Ordinere është më e mira që bota mund të bëjë

Bota nuk mund ta mbështesë bukurinë
Të rinjtë e humbasin gëzimin kur rriten

Bota nuk mund të mbështesë atë që është e veçantë
Kjo është arsyeja pse ajo që është e veçantë është kaq e rrallë

E shkëlqyera duhet të bëhet mesatare
E madhja duhet të reduktohet në të vogel

Asgjë nuk e arrin potencialin e saj të plotë
Vetëm një pjesë e vogël e asaj që është e mundur mund të realizohet

Pemët ishin të bukura
Pra, sigurisht që ata duhej të shkurtoheshin!

Asgjë e bukur nuk ka shans
Jo për shumë kohë, jo përgjithmonë

Prishja është rruga e botës
Padrejtësia dhe padrejtësia janë normë

Kjo është ajo që më mërzit më shumë
E urrej kur kjo ndodh

Dhe mua dhe ty më ka ndodhur
Dhe nuk mund të bëjmë asgjë për këtë

Veç për të reflektuar e për të shkruar

Motivational Quotes 11/11/22

A storyteller writes what he cannot live

No story means as much to the reader as it does to its writer

Misery stalls time, while happiness makes it fly

Aren’t all marriages arranged? by the hand of God

Am i happy? Of course I am not happy, but I am busy and that’s good enough

Though I may be tired, I have strength enough to be happy

How can a sound move us more than a word? Music has more power over the human soul than does speech.

People like what they know, and they like what is like them, ie their own kind.

Do what you will, if you are not in the right place, you can never succeed

The bridge between the impossible and the possible is made of spirit

The fall of love

I want to travel back in time
to the best time of my life
I want to travel back in time
to the time I was young and in love

winds clearing branches of their leaves
The yellow, the red, the brown leaves
Temperatures falling,
A sign that fall again is here

it has come around again,
Just as it did when I was young and naive
It caught me by surprise and off my guard
And before I knew it, I fell hard

Fall would be the season I would fall in love
It was a regular, ordinary day like any other
Made the most significant day of my entire life
I remember the time, the place, the earth-shattering revelation

I could tell you the time, the place, the girl
But then again, why?
It was so long ago, why should I even care?
It may as well be forgotten

I should just forget it!
She is a married woman now
She lives in the same town
I could run into her at the market, or the park with her kids

But I never have, in over 20 falls
I remember it like it was yesterday.
But it does me no good to remember
the dream that was not to be

I want to travel back in time
to the best fall of my life!
i want to travel back in time
to the fall I would fall in love!

I hate love!
No, just because your heart was broken
It doesn’t mean love is evil
I hate love!

No, don’t say so
You must not say so
I will, I will say it…
Of all I have ever felt, love is the best!

Motivational Quotes 9/19/22

We should be better now than we were five years ago – Joel Osteen

Science can never provide me with faith, just as faith can never provide me with science.

Maybe its always been hard, maybe it always will be hard. . . with a bit of joy in between

If you put something in the right place, what you misplaced will turn up.

Perhaps God has a master plan that only he understands -Depeche Mode

Success is about the effort, not the outcome.

We are victim to our own perception.

One’s worth is not founded upon success or popularity, but rather on his who he is.

You can’t change the world… but you can change a small part of it

To have purpose is to live; life is purpose

History is not over.*

Normality is the most beautiful of all things.*

*Robert Kaplan

Motivational Quotes 6/17/21

Where there is an inspiration there is a way.

What is now written on stone was once written on paper

You are appreciated where you belong.

You wanted all but you can’t have it

If you send good out; expect good in. If you send bad out; expect bad in.

The soul always shines through; When you feel happy on the inside, you look good on the outside.

You can do the right thing and still fail.

The first time we go some place we see all its virtues; the next time all its faults.

Money should never change one’s values … Making money is only a report card. – WW Allan (businessman)

Always keep reaching for more

The genius must suffer his own genius; A keen perception comes with its own price.



Aty ku ka një frymëzim ka një mënyrë.

Ajo që tani shkruhet në gur, dikur shkruhej në letër

Jeni të vlerësuar aty ku bëni pjesë.

Ju dëshironit të gjitha, por nuk mund t’i keni

Nëse dërgoni të mira; prisni të mirën. Nëse dërgoni të keqen jashtë; prini te keqen.

Shpirti shkëlqen gjithmonë; Kur ndihesh i lumtur nga brenda, dukesh mirë nga jashtë.

Ju mund të bëni gjënë e duhur dhe prapë të dështoni.

Herën e parë që shkojmë në një vend, shohim të gjitha virtytet e tij; herën tjetër të gjitha gabimet e saj.

Paratë nuk duhet të ndryshojnë kurrë vlerat e dikujt… Të bësh para është vetëm një kartë raporti. – WW Allan (biznesmen)

Gjithmonë vazhdoni të arrini për më shumë

Gjeniu duhet të vuajë gjenialitetin e tij; Një perceptim i mprehtë vjen me çmimin e vet.

Motivational Quotes 5/20/22

We are all characters in God’s play.

Courage is not eliminating fear. Courage is not letting fear eliminate hope. – Grace, child cancer patient

When we aren’t willing to take a risk, we never start in the first place. -Mallory Weggemann

Memory is the sign of life. If we did not have memories could we prove we had ever lived?

I remember, therefore I am.

The universe has a way of pairing up people who belong together.

Most people, you’ll never meet; do good unto those you are with.

The old days always are good, even if at the time, they were bad

Luck suits the person and the personality.

Luck goes after its own kind. The good adds itself onto the good. The bad adds itself upon the bad.

Motivational Quotes 3/25/22

We seek nothing directly; everything comes to us indirectly.

Opportunity calls for guts

Where there is no courage there can be no success.

Actions engender feelings. Bold acts engender boldness. Timid acts engender timidity.

Don’t strive for perfection. Strive to accept your flaws.

There is always an excuse for not succeeding. There is never an excuse for not trying.

Happiness is in the here and now.

Are broken people stronger than before?*

Your limitations are the only ones you create*

If you are waiting and waiting for the right time to do something you’ve always wanted, you’re just procrastinating. The right time will never come. The time becomes right when you make yourself begin.

*Mallory Weggemann

Motivational Quotes 1/28/22

There is a buildup to luck; once a special event occurs, luck is spent, and it takes time to build luck up again.

The objective to life is to fulfill your destiny.

It doesn’t matter what others may think of us; it only matters what we think of ourselves.

Be fair to others; be fair to yourself. Judge not others; judge not thy own self.

To start is always the hardest part.

Everything starts off with enthusiasm; the trick is to keep going when the enthusiasm wears off.

Work makes rest better. Rest makes work better.

How am I to get through this day? And only this day.

Cope, manage, deal.

Motivational Quotes 12/10/21

The best version of yourself is the happy one.

You have no choice in choosing yourself, which is the most important choice you’ll ever make.

Somewhere deep inside there is a real me! -The Offspring

It doesn’t matter what the truth is; it only matters what we think the truth is!

Speak of anybody, and he will appear

Ignorance is bold. Knowledge is hesitant -popular

Opportunities find you when you are not ready; when you are, they are long past.

In life, we all go through the same things, just not at the same time.

Chance encounters must fit the bill of time and place; love can only find you when you’re already in heaven, hate can only find you when you’re already down and out.

To love the world is to be happy; he who loves the world and everything in it is found. He who hates it is lost.