Motivational Quotes 8/13/21

God made man hunger for food, so he would not get lazy. Then he plagued him with disease, so he would have the need for God.

Each person comes not only with a face but also with a fate.

Heaven is hard to earn; the price for heaven is life

When you add up all of life’s joys and all of its sorrows, the end result is nothing short of magnificent.

Why does the past seem beautiful? Even events that were painful to live through from afar assume a wonderful aura.

Every talent is a burden. It carries the burden of expression, the burden of hard work and the burden of frustration.

We admire kids for all the good qualities we have lost.

Happiness can never be pursued directly. It is in the pursuit of a goal that we find happiness.

The only thing worse than failing is failing to try.

Motivational Quotes 5/7/21

Time does break the ties that bond, but the memories remain special.

Don’t mind the mistakes. Mistakes make you human. Only machines are perfect.

Setting is everything; so is timing

Though the challenges of today are lighter than those of yesterday, in their own right, they are just as heavy

Be modest

Being good is hard in the short run. Being bad is hard in the long run, and much more costly.

Happiness is in the here and now.

To each his equal, as matched by place

If you send good out, expect good in. If you send bad out, expect bad in.

You have already made it to the promised land. You are here!

Motivational Quotes 4/23/21

A head start is everything

How do you know when you’re ready for a great journey? The secret is, you’re never ready; just start -Aventurat e Julit

Don’t allow atrophy. Stay active.

We’ve always had our hands full; today is not the only hard time we’ve ever faced

There is a temporal factor to good and bad. What is bad does not last. What is good lasts.

Bad allures but good endures. -Tolstoy

Be gentle in reproach; hostility begets hostility, understanding begets understanding

It is better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie -folk

You can’t run away; the trouble you face abroad is ten times worse than the trouble you face at home

Love your life however humble it may be

Motivational Quotes 4/9/21

The lottery is never won, but like all money, is worked for and earned

Leave everything a little bit imperfect

Only a machine is perfect; the soul is always imperfect

You are a product of your environment; the secret is choosing the right environment

The body has mind; it reflects our emotions

Every success carries some failure; every victory, some loss

When nothing’s going right, be patient

It is smart to learn from smart people (dad)

Others can feel your pain, and your joy

The goodness of children is better than the goodness of adults

Motivational Quotes 3/26/21

If we sit back and assume the future will be good because destiny is in control, we couldn’t be more wrong! We have to work to make it good.

If all is given in the beginning, all will be taken away in the end; if some is given, some will be left to keep

Sometimes, those of whom we expect the most of, will surprise us, and give us the least

mind your temper

Fate is always poetic; life is a series of events that when pieced together form a coherent and wonderfully intricate picture

Suffer honorably

It is only by luck that we come upon something special-a person, a place, a thing-and cannot ever meet with it when we plan for it

Don’t expect to be happy; you have earn it!

Strive against perfectionism

Yesterday we were happy, today we are sad; mood is as mysterious as the weather

Motivational Quotes 3/12/21

We often look fondly on the sufferings of the past, but under no conditions are we ever willing to appreciate the sufferings of the present.

Even hand-outs aren’t free, but must be fought for and earned.

Life is boring…but there are many things which are intriguing, fascinating, fun, etc.

A swan outside its pond is an ugly duckling*

Out with the old, in with the new*

Use your wit to amuse, not abuse*

What you did yesterday, matters today

Setting is everything

You always pass misery on your way to happiness

The mistakes of the past must be straightened out in the present

When you find a good doctor, make sure to hold on to him

Always remember your l.k.r.’s: love, kindness, respect


Motivational Quotes 2/19/21

Sometimes we are to live with nothing to lose, while other times we are to live with nothing to gain

Don’t sweat the small stuff

That is what I want… but this is who I am

Want things… If you really want something it is not out of reach

You have no excuses not to change the world -Barack Obama

Choose challenge, not the easy way out

This is the time for bold measures. -Bono

Be content with what you have. And hope for a better tomorrow.

Destiny holds back what you want, and gives what you don’t, until you pay your dues.

This is our mission: to cast a ray of light and pass on -Maria Montessori

Motivational Quotes 1/29/21

Every human is a reality.

Nine times out of ten, the trouble you run away from is nothing compared to the trouble you run into. Face up to trouble. (Lassie)

How am I to get through this day?

Be kind; Kindness works better than hate.

Part of me knows i’m growing too old -kongos

I don’t believe in luck; I believe in hard work and preparation -Jeff Gordon

Sing, dance or run up the stairs; capture an ordinary moment with a burst of enthusiasm

At the end of the day we are happy for no other reason than our aches, pains and troubles are for now over

Happiness is when the soul shines through the face and body.

We did nothing to earn this life, so of course it would be only half a blessing. But the next life we earn by this life’s toils; of course it must be heaven!

Jorgo: the lost Socratic dialogue

I was walking to my car after visiting a diner in the Short North, an artsy old fashioned neighborhood near downtown Columbus. I had ordered a slice of pie. It was pecan and overwhelmingly sweet, thus immoderately good. But it was overheated and I burned my mouth at first, about which the waitress apologized. She was a friendly woman, about my age and tried to make me feel at home. And then she brought me my bill: Four dollars and forty cents. I was shocked, how can you charge four dollars and forty cents for a slice of pie! Nevertheless I made not a peep about it, rounded the total up to five, and left on foot. All the way back to my car, I kept indignantly repeating to myself: “How can you charge four dollars and thirty cents for a slice of pie. How can you possibly charge four dollars and thirty cents for a slice of pie.”

Instead of going to my car, I decided to take a walk through the park. This park was large and though not ever busy, on nice days, like this warm and sunny Spring morning, had a sparse amount of pedestrians. In the end I sat on a park bench to gather myself. While meditating, as I stared at the small pond ahead of me with ducks in the corner and the small fountain at its center, I couldn’t help but fall asleep. And I dreamt as if I had somehow travelled in time and found myself in the midst of a Socratic dialogue in an open air amphitheater of ancient Greece. Upon seeing me, Socrates, interrupted his talk, and called me down to center stage.

Socrates: Who are you and whence come you?

Me: My name is George and I come from the future.

Socrates: Have you lost your wits?

Me: No, sir, I come from the year 2021.

Socrates : Your name is foreign. What country is it from?

Me: America.

Socrates : Never heard of it. I shall call you Jorgo. How is life in the year 2021?

Me: Terrible, currently a huge pandemic has plagued our world.

Socrates: You are given to dreaming my son.

Me: I am not lying.

Socrates: And what is it that you are wearing?

Me: Jeans and a T-Shirt.

Socrates: You look terrible. Is this the fashion of the day or are you the only one without any sense of taste?

Me: Everyone dresses like this in the future.

Socrates: Tell me something else about the future.

Me: Greece is not the best country anymore.

Socrates: Shame on you, you lack wisdom! Greece will last forever. And what else is new?

Me: There is a lot of technology now.

Socrates: Such as?

Me: Computers.

Socrates: What do they do?

Me: They can be used to type, surf the internet, videochat, or hang out on social media.

Socrates: Hold on there, just a minute, you really have lost me. Is there no philosophy in the future?

Me: Not a single word.

Socrates: Really, is there no cultivation of virtue in youth?

Me: Not really.

Socrates : Is there no study of logic?

Me: Not really.

Socrates: What do you mean? Is there no philosophers in the future?

Me: There are some… but not like you and Plato.

Socrates : How so, how do they differ?

Me: In many ways.

Socrates : In dress?

Me: Yes.

Socrates : In hair style?

Me: Yes.

Socrates : In shoe style?

Me: Yes.

Socrates : In outward appearance, you mean to say?

Me: Yes

Socrates : Well, what about their thoughts? Are they sound? Or do they go on ringing in a long harangue like brazen pots which when they are struck continue to sound unless someone puts his hand upon them?

Me: The philosophers of the future are eminent professors in universities, but perhaps, now that you mention it, they do go on ringing in a long harangue like brazen pots…

Socrates : Young man, all of this talk of the future is empty and hollow. The technology you have mentioned is hogwash, your clothes lack style, the philosophy of the future is a non-starter, and the idea that Greece is to fall is a big goose egg. If this is our future, I weep for it, and am so very glad I shall never see it!

I then woke up, as a baby in a stroller, being pushed by a mom was crying aloud. I gathered my wits, wiped the slobber off my face, and became well aware of my hapless situation. It was a strange dream indeed, thought I. I looked around the pond, saw a few people walking, including office workers on lunch break, a young couple, and the same ducks by the water fountain. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. I got up and walked to my car, meditating on my dream. I got to my car, opened the door, and drove off. So charming left Socrates’ voice, that I the while, thought him still speaking.

The End

(Contains phrases from Plato)

Motivational Quotes 11/20/20

The world is a poem composed by God.

The artist has to earn his audience.

Ain’t gonna waste this life*

Believe it the world has changed in a whole new way*

You can cheat death but you can’t cheat fate

What you can’t perceive can’t hurt you

To each his equal, as determined by place

We don’t know who we are but in each other’s eyes.

There is intelligence in a glance; which vanishes once the mouth opens and the conversation becomes dumbed down to an unsophisticated level.

The body carries mind; every limb carries soul, and feels.

We never know how lucky we have been, until it’s over…

Only what is mine is any good, for the good thing that is not mine, I could never enjoy…

*the Offspring