Responsibilities and Expectations

(this entry is a post from a previous blog of mine)

If you think about it, if you have no responsibilities and nothing is expected out of you in life, you are in big trouble. At first, you might think that you’re on easy street, but did you know that an “easy life” soon enough turns into a “hard life.” Yes, in another sense, an easy life, ie a life without responsibilities and expectations, is a hard life.  It is one’s responsibilities that keep one going. If you think, “I have to do this, because it matters,” you will be much more driven than if you think, “oh, I can do this today, but who’ll notice?” Likewise is the expectations that others put on you that keep you feeling important. If nothing is expected out of you in life, which may happen when somebody puts you down and expects nothing out you, (in other words you are good for nothing) you lose your sense of self-worth and feel powerless. We often equate self-worth and happiness with work. Indeed, for we work not only to put bread on the table, but we work to feed ourselves mentally and spiritually.


motivational quotes 1/16/15

Challenge yourself

Appreciate life

You  must attempt hard things in order to achieve them

A life of comfort and ease will make you weak

People succeed in groups (Gretchen Rubin)

Courage builds on courage

Don’t be lazy

When nothing’s going right be patient

Shake things up!

motivational quotes 12/23/14

Don’t turn into a cynic.

Daily life is happiness to me.

You can’t enjoy pleasure because it’s always accompanied by pressure.

Don’t allow yourself to be idle.

Be mindful.

Stand for something.

Embrace your nature. (Gretchen Rubin)

No guts no glory (folk)

Try really hard.

If you can take the blame people will give you the responsibility. (Gretchen Rubin)

Happiness is an imagination

“Happiness is an imagination. Boredom is a reality.” (G Shetuni.) Let us examine this saying a little bit. For example, right now, here where I live, in Columbus, OH: here is the current reality, it is an ugly, cloudy, dreary, cold winter’s day. So that’s what can be literally seen if you look out the window. There is no show out there. It’s a rather dull reality! Reality is dull … isn’t it? But if you are happy you “imagine” a more pleasing reality … one that does not literally exist. Because, as we said, there is no show outside your window. But there may be a show in your eyes; the show that you are imagining when you look at the same dull scene. And this imagination is being produced by happiness. Happiness is when the mind is being creative and is able to see things that aren’t there.

For example, here are two scenarios of the same reality.

The depressed reality: Oh, it’s dinner time. The table is black. The food tastes bad. How can you be happy doing this?

The happy reality: Oh, it’s dinner time, I remember that one time having dinner with so and so … oh my God, that was so funny! (and your eyes see something that the depressed/unhappy person cannot catch because it does not literally exist. Happiness is an imagination.)