Does meditation matter?

We are all told that meditation is a good thing. According to the consensus it calms you down and makes you relax and feel good. But is this really true? Moreover, what’s the catch?  Meditation can be quite boring. I know because I have done it! Is it worth enduring 20 to 25 minutes of keeping your eyes closed, sitting still and doing nothing but “being alone with your thoughts”? No, it really isn’t. It’s very hard to do. It is worth only for its own sake so that you can proudly proclaim “Wow I did something hard!” like the marathoner who keeps running on and on and on, just to see how far he can keep running. But endurance and perseverance come with a reward. It is usually only after you have “worked your butt off” that you start to feel real results. Back to meditation … I don’t advise it to anyone reading this. BUT, I do sometimes practice a short form of meditation. I have a meditation logue, and I have a timer. I sit at my desk, make as if I am praying, and begin to meditate. My goal is simple: “How do I feel?” And I write down my mood at the moment: bored/tired/happy/depressed/anxious … so on and so forth. I always stop at 5 minutes. However, I find that going to a coffee shop and being around other people is also a mood booster and has the same effects as meditation. In fact I would say, being in a nice setting in a room full of like minded people, makes you feel much better. So go out and have yourself a nice cup of joe today!


motivational quotes 4/12/15

A bad friend is worse than a bad enemy.

The easy way out is the easiest way to take.

It is hard to be good. It is easy to be bad.

Reach out

Be tough

Ask, what is really important in life?

Lead an active life

Work harder

Don’t slack

Act the way you want to feel


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Managing Habits

I recently bought a self help book: Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of our Everyday Life by Gretchen Rubin. In this book Gretchen talks about habits; good and bad. She gives methods for breaking a bad habit. For example, one chapter is called: You manage what you monitor. This chapter stresses the importance of monitoring your bad habits. You can monitor them quantitatively. Once you monitor a habit, you can manage it.

Case Study:

One bad habit I have is washing my hands too thoroughly and too often. This leads to dry skin, especially during the cold winter months. So I decided to “do something about it.” I posted a note on my bathroom mirror: “COUNT to 10.” This means I only get 10 seconds to wash up. Another reminder I wrote is, “No unnecessary washes,” and of course “Moisturize.” Has this method help me break or manage my bad habit? No, not yet. But this is because I don’t have the willpower to follow my own rules! However I am following the “Counting to 10” rule rather well. If I could just follow my two other rules, I could manage or break this habit.

For those of you who may have a habit you want to manage or break, I have two notes:

1. if you want to break a habit, you must remember a habit. (Use a note. Post it in front of you, where the habit happens.)

2. Resisting a bad habit is hard. (When the going gets tough, do not give up. Follow the rules you set for yourself with willpower, but remember to give yourself a break too)

find the fun in the everyday

Find the “fun” in the everyday and commonplace. Let us not categorize everything separately. Let us find and be willing to partake in spontaneous fun moments during the dull and the drab fabric of everyday reality.  Also let us not be in a hurry. Let us not be programmed to go from point A to point B without “looking at anything in between.” There could be fun moments between A and B. Let us break the schedule! Let’s not be automated robots following “the rails.”


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The Simpsons: Homer Builds a Nuclear Power Plant in Albania

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you that I have written a simpsons parody. The Simpsons: Homer builds a power plant in Albania is now out! This is a parody of the show, the second one of its kind. The first one was called The Simpsons: Homer Joins Toastmasters. If you like learning about other cultures and countries, and want to see what you get when you mix when you the Simpsons with Albania, get this e-book. It’s funny. The Simpsons by George Shetuni.

motivational quotes 3/9/15

It is noble to face your  fears. If you aren’t facing your fears each and every day of your life, then what are you doing with yourself?

It is easy to be a happy kid. The point is to be a happy adult.

A light that shines twice as bright lasts half as long. (folk)

Work will save your soul.

Know who you are.

Lessons are earned, not learned.

You win when you try. You lose when you don’t.

try to be happy. Why not?

What is the secret to happiness? How about: hard work. I believe happiness requires hard work. When I say hard work I don’t mean “working in construction” or something like that. I mean doing resisting laziness and boredom. Resisting laziness is hard and requires energy. But it has to be done in order for one to be happy.

What else? How about: loving the thing you got. By that I mean loving your life as it is. Do not wish for something different. Love the life you got! Why  not! Sure you could try to improve your life, and I encourage you to do it if you can. But you also have to realize that you got to start liking your life, because some of the problem could be you.

What else? How about: Be happy now! Not twenty minutes later, not two days later. Just do it now. Be happy now. At this very moment. But you’ll say: ” I’m in rush hour traffic. My body’s aching. It’s very cold. How can I be happy now?” Just do it! Practice at it. tell yourself: be happy now. Wherever you are, be happy now.