Motivational Quotes 3/23/18

You become the company you keep (popular)

If you hold on to a dream too long, it flies away like a bird, before you can act. So just act!

When was it ever easy?

Happiness doesn’t make us happy; It’s the pursuit! –Dan Ferguson

I should listen to myself

You must pay your own debts – Emerson

A new year is a new hope

Without happiness there can be no vigor –Emerson

Only the smart suffer.


My Gun Control Plan


  1. Applicants must pass a mental health screening administered by a psychologist. If applicant is found to be unstable he or she must be put into treatment, and not awarded a license; mental health screening is to be facilitated at gun shopper’s personal expense. Screening consists of three one hour counseling/therapy sessions, a review of past mental health history records; psychologist shall provide formal evaluation.
  1. The minimum age for gun ownership is to be 23.
  2. Parental Permission for Gun Shoppers beneath Age 30.
  3. Married persons are to provide spousal permission.
  4. Persons with children below age 23 in household must purchase a safe for the storage of firearms.
  5. Three personal letters of reference for all gun shoppers.
  6. Proof of current employment and for continuous employment for the previous 12 months (students must submit proof of enrollment at university for the past year. Persons of retirement age are exempt.)
  7. Applicant must write a two page typed essay explaining the importance of firearms to him/her and what it means to be a responsible gun owner in a free and civil society
  8. Must submit a photo
  9. Must submit fingerprints and pass a criminal background check
  10. Must take a videotaped oath in front of a magistrate: “I am name, job, from place of residence. I understand that a firearm is a dangerous weapon. If I am granted a license to purchase firearms, I will never use any of my firearms in a shooting spree or to commit murder. I will use my firearms for hunting or for sport, at a shooting range, or in a very rare case of defense.”

The review process

Once the application is complete, it shall be submitted to the State Firearms Authority. A panel of three experts 1. a judge, 2. a criminologist, and 3. a law enforcement officer will review the application. Each expert will vote independently on it.

The Votes

  1. Applicant is mentally fit and shows the necessary responsibility to possess firearms
  2. Applicant is mentally fit but does not show the necessary responsibility to possess firearms
  3. Applicant is not mentally fit and is likely to become a threat to self and society if armed

The Results

A majority vote in the A category will result in the applicant being awarded a license.

A majority vote in the B category will result in the applicant being denied a license.

A majority vote in the C category will result in the applicant being denied a license to purchase firearms and additionally, he or she shall be put into psychiatric treatment immediately against his/her will.

If there is no majority vote in any category the applicant is to not be granted a license to purchase firearms by default.


Additional Rules

Shooting rangers are to be equipped with firearm lockers.

Military style firearms (such as semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazine rifles) may be available for purchase but shall be stored in shooting range lockers; they shall never be taken home.

The license is good only in the state in which it is awarded.

The license expires after 3 years, and must be renewed.

It entitles the applicant to 1 firearm purchase every four months, a maximum of 3 per year.

Applicants who fail to earn a license, but are found to fall into the B category may reapply one year later.

An applicant who falls into the C category may not reapply. Applicant may appeal the decision in a court of law after 3 years.


Motivational Quotes 2/9/18

If we sit back and assume the future will be good because destiny is in control, we couldn’t be more wrong! We have to make it good.

There’s more to health than serving the body. There’s a soul that’s got to be nourished.

We don’t see what’s in reality. We see what’s in our eyes.

Happiness is the aim of life.

Spontaneity is the spirit.

You didn’t even try!

            I’m here to move you! I’m here to prove to you, that we can rhyme on the positive side of things. -Marky Mark

The future needs you! The world needs you! Yes, you.

Motivational Quotes 1/12/18

A new year is a new hope

Without happiness there can be no vigor -Emerson

It’s easy to make a resolution; it’s hard to keep one.

We are too young to know the impossible – The Rebelution

We live in a society and must care for others in order to be happy ourselves.

Remember your past.

If you can’t overcome the haters, you don’t deserve to be on top.

Only the essentials.

You can’t quit. You can’t give up.

Motivational Quotes 12/15/17

Daily life is everything

You aren’t the only one with problems

Whatever you do, do it well!

The price for dependence is dependency.

The reward for self-reliance is self-determination.

It’s a long horizon

A good friend is like a good pond. You can see yourself reflected back. (folk)

Apply yourself!

motivational quotes 11/10/17

We assume everything is forever. But in fact quite the opposite is true. Everything is but for a short period of time.

Where you begin makes a big difference where you end up. (Gretchen Rubin)

Short cuts yield short term benefits

Wisdom is a hard won possession. (Plato)

Acceptance into the group means survival.

The brain is not the seat of the mind; the face is!

You have to keep growing.

Destiny is poetic; sometimes cruel, sometimes victorious.

Your fate has your personality.


There is genius in a glance

We measure “smarts” by books and discoveries. Einstein was smart because he was good at science. So was Newton. The mathematical genius of these men was unrivaled. But I actually think there’s a whole another type of genius: nonverbal communication.

Certainly the brain is working harder when it is allowed to just be and see, than when it is made to compute. What’s 2 times 2? Who cares! That does not get my mind going. Perhaps this is why I am no mathematician and never really was. My point is that there is more than one aspect to the mind; more than the computational intellect.

There is the emotional mind, which is what we use to perceive reality. And it is at its best when it is just allowed to be and see. You can’t really bring the soul out by force, when you tell it to or when you want it to. One becomes a good observer by simply observing. Observe your reality. Observe those around you. And you will see that when you look at people, their skin changes. It literally contains the workings of their mind.

The face is a mirror to the workings of the mind. When you focus in on someone, they will have more focus. Their mind will come to their face. Emotions are communicable. What you feel is felt by others around you.

Newton and Einstein may have been the world’s best “calculators”, but were they the best “nonverbal communicators”? No, everyone can be a good nonverbal communicator. All one needs to do is to let his emotions show. Sometimes, we don’t, we won’t, because we’re shy or don’t trust others! But at other times, we can become “emotionally outgoing” whether with someone on the bus, at a café or walking down the street. In that case, we have made a friend, even if it is a friend we never said one word to, or even made direct eye contact with.