Happiness is an imagination

“Happiness is an imagination. Boredom is a reality.” (G Shetuni.) Let us examine this saying a little bit. For example, right now, here where I live, in Columbus, OH: here is the current reality, it is an ugly, cloudy, dreary, cold winter’s day. So that’s what can be literally seen if you look out the window. There is no show out there. It’s a rather dull reality! Reality is dull … isn’t it? But if you are happy you “imagine” a more pleasing reality … one that does not literally exist. Because, as we said, there is no show outside your window. But there may be a show in your eyes; the show that you are imagining when you look at the same dull scene. And this imagination is being produced by happiness. Happiness is when the mind is being creative and is able to see things that aren’t there.

For example, here are two scenarios of the same reality.

The depressed reality: Oh, it’s dinner time. The table is black. The food tastes bad. How can you be happy doing this?

The happy reality: Oh, it’s dinner time, I remember that one time having dinner with so and so … oh my God, that was so funny! (and your eyes see something that the depressed/unhappy person cannot catch because it does not literally exist. Happiness is an imagination.)

For the fun of it

“Don’t measure success by how by rich and famous you are. Measure it by how well you are resisting the temptation to seek fame and fortune.” I think creative people, looking to “break into the business” of their dreams, i.e. music, acting, or performing arts in general get caught up in popularity. It is natural to do so. Heck, I do it myself! As an author, it is easy for me to want to be on the NY Times Best Seller List. But there is a downside to this outlook. For how many people can be truly famous? Not very many!

At the same time, its a misconception to believe that fame brings happiness. If you want happiness then do what you love. And you don’t have to do it at “the highest level”. For example,  if you love to paint, then start painting already! Remember, you don’t need to be the best to be able to practice your art. For example, in the fall, I wanted to do stand up comedy. And I did it! I went to a late night bar and I told jokes in front of an audience. Did I become rich and famous? No. Did I have to be rich and famous to do that? No. Remember you do not need money and fame to practice your hobby, passion. Do it even if it won’t  bring you any recognition. Do it for your own pleasure.

Attitude is everything

Often times we say “I want to change my life.” And that is a good idea; there is nothing wrong with making small improvements to your life. The problem is when we want to reject the life we have, and start a new one. Starting a new life is very hard to do, or in fact, perhaps not possible at all. Thus, whenever you feel depressed about your life, I think it’s better to say: “I don’t want to change my life. I want to like the life I have!” That is the right attitude.