Mrs. Doubtfire II: Like Father Like Son

Did you love the movie Mrs. Doubtfire? I did! So, being an author, I decided to write my own Mrs. Doubtfite sequel. Check it out:

How far would an ordinary kid go to spend more time with the girl of his dreams? Well, Chris Hillard is no ordinary kid, so when his love turns him down to the Homecoming dance, he convinces his dad, the original master of pranks, Mrs. Doubtfire, to “make him into a girl.” With the perfect wig, a mask, and an inexplicable British accent, Chris joins the girls’ soccer team, becoming Kristen the new athletic girl from England. Free to be one of the girls, the disguised Chris becomes best friends with the girl of his dreams, going on an adventure in love of a lifetime.

Outrageous, hilarious, and pleasantly childlike, this story brings to life the 1993 box office hit, Mrs. Doubtfire, in an unexpected and implausible way to be enjoyed by readers both young and old.

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Seinfeld: George and Jerry Switch Jobs

I am so happy that my new Seinfeld episode is out. If you liked the show you’ll like this! Here’s the synopsis:

When Jerry complains about the hassles of being a standup comic, George says his job at the Yankees is much worse. When the argument escalates, Kramer butts in and says he has a great idea: “I got it! You two switch jobs!” When they take his funny advice, Elaine is left with no one to talk to, and George and Jerry find themselves in a hilarious role reversal, where George has to go on stage and make ’em laugh, and Jerry has to deal with the weird demands of Mr. Steinbrenner, such as finding him “a great barber.” Throw in George’s awkward parents and you’ve got another great Seinfeld episode.

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The Simpsons: Homer Builds a Nuclear Power Plant in Albania

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you that I have written a simpsons parody. The Simpsons: Homer builds a power plant in Albania is now out! This is a parody of the show, the second one of its kind. The first one was called The Simpsons: Homer Joins Toastmasters. If you like learning about other cultures and countries, and want to see what you get when you mix when you the Simpsons with Albania, get this e-book. It’s funny. The Simpsons by George Shetuni.

Seinfeld: Elaine Sells the Soup Nazi’s Recipes

Hi everyone,

Most of you who follow me know me for my motivational/self help writings. I don’t know if you guys know that I also enjoy writing humorous pieces. In fact I have written an episode of the 1990’s sitcom Seinfeld! It is called Seinfeld: Elaine Sells the Soup Nazi’s Recipes. It was a lot of fun to write. I actually wrote much of it when I used to go out to coffee shops around the city. I used to sip coffee and write in my trusty note book, it was fun, was a worthwhile  activity and now it’s finally complete available for sale. If you were a fan of Seinfeld, I recommend you get this ebook on Kindle. Seinfeld by George

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