Motivational Quotes 3/3/23

When a calamity is supposed to happen, what is not supposed to happen will, serving as a saving grace, preventing the calamity.

No one wants you when you’re down; people only want you when you’re up

We rejoice in public; we suffer in private

Each person has a unique form of good and a unique form of bad.

We help one another not only by words but also by our example; by being good ourselves we set an example for others to follow.

What is not worth mending, is not worth minding. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The fight for survival is the fight for place. They who have a good place fight to keep it; they who have a bad one fight to improve it. When two people want the same place, conflict occurs.

It is in occupation that we forget the pains of the day.

Right Activity plus right amount equals a good day.

Happiness is earned through effort and sometimes through hardship.

Motivational Quotes 2/10/23

Joy is happiness for no reason. -popular

It is in seeing others go about their day that we get the courage to go on with our own.

You have to leave home to be successful – popular
You don’t have to leave home to be successful. -Martin Sensemeyer (actor)

Life is not a blank page. While it is unscripted, it is full of roles-first, last, insider, outsider, rich, poor-and our relationships, how well we get along with each other, stem not just from our innate natures, but from whether our societal roles stand in alliance with or in opposition to one another.

We all know what others should do with their lives. It is in our own life that we do not know what to do with.

Your goals are reachable if you can think practically, if you can be patient, and if you can work hard

Do you think my friend anyone escapes his fate? -Herman Hesse (Siddhartha)

You do fit in, if you believe you do -Jeremy Linn (Basketball player)

Gifted people don’t do hard things well; they make hard things easy to do, and then they do them

It’s the look that makes one beautiful, not just the face

Motivational Quotes 1/6/23

Objects up close may not be what they seemed from afar

Success and failure are both teachers; success teaches you what to do. Failure teaches you what not to do.

It is your peers who are best suited to like you; it is they who are best suited to judge you

Whenever an excess is created in on direction, a deficiency is created in the opposite direction

The young appreciate the wisdom of theirs elders, simply because they haven’t had enough time and maturity to discover the same wisdom out for themselves

Life is an unending series of actions and reactions

All the good opportunities find you in the beginning, when you are not ready to take a risk; by the time you are ready to take a risk, there are no good opportunities left.

The mortal flaw of perfectionism is strictness; holding oneself and others to far too strict a standard that can never be met.

Wherever a good occurs in excess, a bad also occurs in excess.

He who does not look for signs does not see them; only he who looks for them sees them.

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Motivational Quotes 9/19/22

We should be better now than we were five years ago – Joel Osteen

Science can never provide me with faith, just as faith can never provide me with science.

Maybe its always been hard, maybe it always will be hard. . . with a bit of joy in between

If you put something in the right place, what you misplaced will turn up.

Perhaps God has a master plan that only he understands -Depeche Mode

Success is about the effort, not the outcome.

We are victim to our own perception.

One’s worth is not founded upon success or popularity, but rather on his who he is.

You can’t change the world… but you can change a small part of it

To have purpose is to live; life is purpose

History is not over.*

Normality is the most beautiful of all things.*

*Robert Kaplan

Motivational Quotes 6/17/21

Where there is an inspiration there is a way.

What is now written on stone was once written on paper

You are appreciated where you belong.

You wanted all but you can’t have it

If you send good out; expect good in. If you send bad out; expect bad in.

The soul always shines through; When you feel happy on the inside, you look good on the outside.

You can do the right thing and still fail.

The first time we go some place we see all its virtues; the next time all its faults.

Money should never change one’s values … Making money is only a report card. – WW Allan (businessman)

Always keep reaching for more

The genius must suffer his own genius; A keen perception comes with its own price.



Aty ku ka një frymëzim ka një mënyrë.

Ajo që tani shkruhet në gur, dikur shkruhej në letër

Jeni të vlerësuar aty ku bëni pjesë.

Ju dëshironit të gjitha, por nuk mund t’i keni

Nëse dërgoni të mira; prisni të mirën. Nëse dërgoni të keqen jashtë; prini te keqen.

Shpirti shkëlqen gjithmonë; Kur ndihesh i lumtur nga brenda, dukesh mirë nga jashtë.

Ju mund të bëni gjënë e duhur dhe prapë të dështoni.

Herën e parë që shkojmë në një vend, shohim të gjitha virtytet e tij; herën tjetër të gjitha gabimet e saj.

Paratë nuk duhet të ndryshojnë kurrë vlerat e dikujt… Të bësh para është vetëm një kartë raporti. – WW Allan (biznesmen)

Gjithmonë vazhdoni të arrini për më shumë

Gjeniu duhet të vuajë gjenialitetin e tij; Një perceptim i mprehtë vjen me çmimin e vet.

Motivational Quotes 5/20/22

We are all characters in God’s play.

Courage is not eliminating fear. Courage is not letting fear eliminate hope. – Grace, child cancer patient

When we aren’t willing to take a risk, we never start in the first place. -Mallory Weggemann

Memory is the sign of life. If we did not have memories could we prove we had ever lived?

I remember, therefore I am.

The universe has a way of pairing up people who belong together.

Most people, you’ll never meet; do good unto those you are with.

The old days always are good, even if at the time, they were bad

Luck suits the person and the personality.

Luck goes after its own kind. The good adds itself onto the good. The bad adds itself upon the bad.

I remember therefore I am

There is a famous philosophical phrase which you may have heard of by the French philosopher Rene Descartes. I think therefore I am. I have never been able to fully appreciate this phrase, because I have never been able to understand it. I thought it was just a confusing idea which apparently was very profound to its creator, Descartes but it was not profound to me. I think therefore I am. Recently however I chanced to discover it’s true meaning, all these years after I first heard it in some random college philosophy course which I had taken while I was trying to decide on a major. The way that I learned the meaning of this phrase is by accident, when I came up with an idea of my own, which wound up discerning for me the meaning of Descartes famous saying.

My saying has to do with the importance of memory. Memory is the evidence of life itself. Could we prove that we have ever lived if we did not have our memories? No, there would be no way to prove it. The very young cannot prove they live because they do not have memories. Memory starts to develop a bit later than the first few years of life. Memory is an essential component to the human mind, so important that we cannot say that we exist without a memory. In other words our very existence is hinged on our capacity to remember. Not facts, like one plus one, but rather the experiences of life we have had. When I came upon this realization, I was immediately struck by Descartes’s famous philosophical saying and I knew that I had finally, unintentionally understood it. Descartes’s saying values thought above all else. According to him the greatest form of human consciousness is thought. Our very existence, says Descartes, is hinged upon our capacity for thought. He says, we cannot prove exist if we do not think. I agree with that argument.

However I would add memory is just as significant two human life as is thought. It is a vital sign of life. Thus I would say, I remember therefore I am. Yet there is another aspect of consciousness of the human mind that is just as important as the intellect and memory: emotions. Not all emotions, but rather positive emotions. Without positive feelings, we cannot say cannot say we are wholly alive. Happiness, excitement, and joy, enliven the soul, and prove life. Thus I say, I feel therefore I am. Negative feelings, depression, sadness, pessimism, have the opposite effect and deaden the soul. Thus they are to be avoided.

The intellect, positive feelings and memory; they constitute identity, the “I am”. To Descartes thought was paramount to identity. I argue all three are equally important. A reduction in the power of positive feelings reduces one’s identity. A reduction in the power of memory also reduces one’s identity. The same is true for the capacity to think. In the weakening of each faculty, one would be left to wonder “Who am I? Do I exist?” Identity, it seems, is divided within three parts. However, Descartes was not talking about the human mind. He was talking about the philosopher. He defined the philosopher as one whose whole existence, whose very reason to be, is anchored in profound thought and reflection.

Kujtoj prandaj jam (Albanian)

Ekziston një frazë e famshme filozofike për të cilën mund të keni dëgjuar nga filozofi francez Rene Descartes. Mendoj prandaj jam. Unë kurrë nuk kam mundur ta vlerësoj plotësisht këtë frazë, sepse kurrë nuk kam mundur ta kuptoj. Mendova se ishte thjesht një ide konfuze e cila me sa duket ishte shumë e thellë për krijuesin e saj, Dekartin, por nuk ishte e thellë për mua. Mendoj prandaj jam. Megjithatë, kohët e fundit pata rastin të zbuloja kuptimin e vërtetë të tij, gjatë gjithë këtyre viteve pasi e dëgjova për herë të parë në një kurs të rastësishëm filozofie të kolegjit që kisha ndjekur ndërsa po përpiqesha të vendosja për një drejtim studimi. Mënyra se si e mësova kuptimin e kësaj fraze është rastësisht, kur erdha me një ide timen, e cila përfundoi duke dalluar për mua kuptimin e thënies së famshme të Dekartit.

Thënia ime ka të bëjë me rëndësinë e kujtesës. Kujtesa është dëshmi e vetë jetës. A mund të vërtetojmë se kemi jetuar ndonjëherë nëse nuk do të kishim kujtimet tona? Jo, nuk do të kishte asnjë mënyrë për ta provuar atë. Foshnjat nuk mund të dëshmojnë se jetojnë sepse nuk kanë kujtime. Kujtesa fillon të zhvillohet pak më vonë se vitet e para të jetës. Kujtesa është një komponent thelbësor i mendjes njerëzore, aq i rëndësishëm sa nuk mund të themi se ekzistojmë pa kujtesë. Vetë ekzistenca jonë varet nga aftësia jonë për të kujtuar. Jo fakte, si një plus një, por më tepër përvojat e jetës që kemi pasur. Kur e kuptova këtë, u godita menjëherë nga thënia e famshme filozofike e Dekartit dhe e dija që më në fund, pa dashje e kisha kuptuar. Thënia e Dekartit vlerëson mendimin mbi gjithçka tjetër. Sipas tij forma më e madhe e ndërgjegjes njerëzore është mendimi. Vetë ekzistenca jonë, thotë Dekarti, varet nga aftësia jonë për të menduar. Ai thotë, ne nuk mund të provojmë ekzistimin nëse nuk mendojmë. Jam dakord me këtë argument.

Megjithatë unë do të shtoja kujtesa është po aq e rëndësishme. Është një shenjë jetike e jetës. Kështu do të thosha, mbaj mend, pra jam. Megjithatë, ekziston një aspekt tjetër i ndërgjegjes njerëzore që është po aq i rëndësishëm sa intelekti dhe kujtesa: emocionet. Jo të gjitha emocionet, por emocionet pozitive. Pa ndjenja pozitive, pa ate, nuk mund të themi se jemi plotësisht të gjallë. Lumturia, eksitimi dhe gëzimi, gjallërojnë shpirtin. Kështu them, ndiej pra jam. Ndjenjat negative, si depresioni, trishtimi, pesimizmi, kanë efekt të kundërt dhe e vdesin shpirtin. Kështu ato duhen shmangur.

Intelekti, ndjenjat pozitive dhe kujtesa; ato përbëjnë identitetin, “Unë jam”. Për Dekartin, mendimi ishte parësor për identitetin. Unë argumentoj se të tre janë po aq të rëndësishëm. Reduktimi i fuqisë së ndjenjave pozitive zvogëlon identitetin e dikujt. Një reduktim në fuqinë e kujtesës redukton gjithashtu identitetin e dikujt. E njëjta gjë vlen edhe për aftësinë për të menduar. Në dobësimin e çdo fakulteti, do të lihej të pyeste veten “Kush jam unë? A ekzistoj?” Identiteti, me sa duket, është i ndarë në tre pjesë. Megjithatë, Dekarti nuk po fliste për mendjen njerëzore. Ai po fliste për filozofin. Ai e përkufizoi filozofin si një njeri, e gjithë ekzistenca e të cilit, vetë arsyeja për të qenë, është e ankoruar në mendimin dhe reflektimin e thellë.

Motivational Quotes 3/25/22

We seek nothing directly; everything comes to us indirectly.

Opportunity calls for guts

Where there is no courage there can be no success.

Actions engender feelings. Bold acts engender boldness. Timid acts engender timidity.

Don’t strive for perfection. Strive to accept your flaws.

There is always an excuse for not succeeding. There is never an excuse for not trying.

Happiness is in the here and now.

Are broken people stronger than before?*

Your limitations are the only ones you create*

If you are waiting and waiting for the right time to do something you’ve always wanted, you’re just procrastinating. The right time will never come. The time becomes right when you make yourself begin.

*Mallory Weggemann

Motivational Quotes 1/28/22

There is a buildup to luck; once a special event occurs, luck is spent, and it takes time to build luck up again.

The objective to life is to fulfill your destiny.

It doesn’t matter what others may think of us; it only matters what we think of ourselves.

Be fair to others; be fair to yourself. Judge not others; judge not thy own self.

To start is always the hardest part.

Everything starts off with enthusiasm; the trick is to keep going when the enthusiasm wears off.

Work makes rest better. Rest makes work better.

How am I to get through this day? And only this day.

Cope, manage, deal.

Motivational Quotes 9/3/21

It is easy to like those who are like you; the key is to also like those who are different from you

We make the world a better place by leaving behind children who are better than ourselves

Allow chance to take its course and it always arrives at fate

Oftentimes normal is best and what’s best is not normal

The imperfections make art. Exactness makes science

Everyone has a burden to bear

There are ten broken hearts for every light on Broadway -popular

Forget normal; be special!

Paths cross when two people have something to say

Work is happiness. Sloth is depression