I’m George. Can you believe I wrote all those books? Top shelf only, of course. As you can see, I’m an author. I’ve been an author for 10 years now, still self-published. But it does not bother me, so long as I get to do what I love doing. Writing is it’s own reward.

It now no longer feels like I’m just starting out. In the beginning I had dreams of making it big: “Hey, maybe someday I will have a best seller!” was what I thought then. Now, after all these years, and more experience, I can see that very few writers make it big. But keeping this blog makes me just as happy as having a best seller.

If you ask me being an author is very much like being self employed. Aside from the writing, which is the creative side, there is a practical side, publishing and marketing. I publish my own books and ebooks and offer them for sale on Amazon. I also market them on social media, and reader sites like Goodreads.

The great thing  about writing is that one can work from anywhere at any time. At the airport, at the local coffee shop, at the zoo. OK maybe not at the zoo… I usually write at home. What is most important is that you write when you are in the mood for it, and when you aren’t give yourself a break.goals. But you can wri