george reading


My name is George Shetuni. I am a self published author. I’ve been an author for five years, and it still feels like I’m just starting out. Hey, maybe someday I will have a best seller!

What is it like to be an author?

If you ask me being an author is very much like running a small business. Aside from the writing, which is the creative side, there is a practical side, publishing and marketing. I publish my own books and ebooks and offer them for sale on Amazon. I also market them on social media, and reader sites like Goodreads. 

When and where does an author work?

I usually write in the morning from home. Then I usually take a coffee break out and about town. Then I return “back to the office” and do more writing or work on other goals, such as building a website! But you can write anywhere, at anytime so long as you are in the mood for it.goals. But you can wri