Motivational Quotes 6/24/19

There is no way to go back, but there may be a way to go forward

Whether it is lived right or lived wrong, life is hard. But the life that is lived right is hard in a rewarding way, while the life that is lived wrong is hard in a regrettable way.

The first draft sometimes is the best draft

Even a Toad has four ounces of strength – Chinese proverb

“We lived our lives as if life was forever. To live one’s life without a sense of time is to squander it.” — Diana Trilling, The Beginning of the Journey

Failure is only true after a real and worthy effort; failure after the first try is a foolish lie.

For what human ill does not dawn seem to be an alleviation? –Thornton Wilder

If you count everything you been through, it proves you are stronger than you think

How can they say my life isn’t a success? Have I not for more than sixty years got enough to eat and escape being eaten? –Logan Pearsall Smith

I don’t want to change my life. I want to like my life!

The light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. -popular



Motivational Quotes 5/10/19

Life itself is always one’s greatest achievement

Your faith has made you well -Jesus

Bill and I believed all lives are of equal value – Melinda Gates

 “When your toil has been a pleasure, you have not earned money merely, but money, health, delight, and moral profit, all in one.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

“A man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, obstacles and dangers,” John F Kennedy; the price he paid for making the world a better place was his life.

“Never underestimate the healing power of humor.”

“Use humor to turn a bleak situation upside down on its head.”

Happy people may people happy –G Rubin

Enjoy the journey for arrival means the end.

Motivational Quotes 4/5/19

Whoever put us on this earth knew what we had to do here, and in doing it, we become worthy of the afterlife.

The good have good things to say. Only the bad have bad things to say.

Sometimes life is harder on the good. -folk

Just keep going

What we seek is already within us. My life was perfect, but i didn’t know it… -Bellamy Young

Sometimes in life, your strength will be used against you.

Know your worth -folk

It is funny how a person’s troubles seem small to another, but one’s own troubles seem serious.

The greatest enemy in life is not a person. It is a place you don’t belong. The greatest ally in life is not a person. It is your home.

The right thing, though hard, is the smartest thing, and in many ways the easiest – Alex and Brett Harris

Life is never problem free. Just when one obstacle is overcome, a new obstacle is put there to take its place.

The body is not the source of true strength; it is the soul!

Petro Marko (Albanian Writer)

“What are memories? Life lived with emotions, with all the weapons that keep it alive, with all the norms and canons which the assembly of centuries has created.
Once I have written eight stanzas about MEMORIES. And, as far as I remember, I said:
“O memories, o my life! Come out of there from where you’ve been thrown gathered with your determination, without any crush or threat, come out just as you were registered on the unending reel of my magnetic-brain. I need you now!”

Why did I ask for my memories to come out, to come out just as they were gathered from the emotions, visions, images, scenes, dramas, tragedies, tragi-comedies of my life? Because then when I wrote these stanzas, I was interned on the deserted island of Ustica, there on that lonesome bank, far from Sicily, far from Palermo. And the person separated from life, or better termed dead, because dead is he that lives with memories, winds his magnetic-brain and passes time quietly, by counting the steps of his feet and of his thought, of his heart and of his experience.

What remains in memory, has passed through the screen of years, of worries, and of dreams, of bare reality and of the deep footprints of emotions, images, visions, landscapes, hands, eyes, hearts, voices, lamentations, songs, dances, intrigues, passions, preoccupations, loves, flirtations, languages, sounds, daily shows on the endless screen of life . . .”

-Petro Marko, excerpt from autobiography, Interview with Myself


Across the street, mom and I saw a big sign that read: Petro Marko Library. We mentioned it to Uncle Ibrahim who proudly and confidently said Petro Marko is from Vlora. But who is Petro Marko anyway? Petro Marko (1913 – 1991) is an Albanian writer. I have read his autobiography. It is full of adventure. His opinion of himself is that he is a special person, shrouded in mystery. He is also a rebel. And no one can have Petro Marko. For example, one day, after graduating high school, he was leaning up against a wall in Tirana. He was jobless, sharing a shack with a few buddies, and next to starving. A government official, a big shot, pulled up to him with his car driven by a chauffeur.

He rolled down the window and said to Petro: “Sonny, why aren’t you eating lunch?” Petro replied: “May you eat for all of us, your Excellency!” But that big shot had a big heart. He was impressed and he made arrangements for Petro to go to a village in the south and work as a teacher. Later in life, Petro found himself in France. While there he got an innocent English girl to fall in love with him. But of course that could not work. She cried after him in letters, he says, and sadly, she wound up living in a huge estate with her wealthy grandma, a lonely maid for her entire life. But enough about Petro Marko. This is about me! We made it off the main street. It was dark but from what I could see Vlora did not look pretty on that night; broken sidewalks, dirty roads, and old, decaying apartments.

excerpt from my travel diary: Albania: A Visit Back Home (2012)

Motivational Quotes 2/8/19

Don’t wait on tomorrow for that is just procrastination. Today is always the best day to begin work on your dreams.

Home sweet little home… had I never left you, perhaps I never would have met all the ills i had to meet with in life.

Face up to trouble; the trouble you face far away is ten times worse than the trouble you face at home –Lassie

The greatest enemy in life is not a person. It is a place you don’t belong.
The greatest ally in life is not a person. It is your home.

God is for the sick, and the suffering…

What’s the difference whether we call it fate or luck? Each one goes to the same destination.

The soul comes out in art

Motivational Quotes 1/4/18

Be master of your own destiny for to succeed at somebody else’s plans for your life, is still to fail yourself.

Justice requires work

People need more than bread and water… they need to see somebody cares for them.

When you got something to play for, you play better

Do what you can

There is no one self-existent thing but everything is becoming and in relation*

Wonder is the feeling of the philosopher*

A quote is only as good as the man who said it.

What you feared did not happen. It was an empty fear. -from Lassie

Kindness is its own reward.


From Albania to America

In the early 1990’s a lot of foreign visitors were coming and going in our apartment. They were contacts of my dad. And he was kind enough to invite them for dinner. And of course, he was hoping to get something in return! At any rate, my mom was the one who had to bear the brunt of the burden as she was the one who did all the cooking. One of them was an English man from America, named Ian, whom we knew for a long time; another one was an Aromanian man from Romania, and then there was an entire family from England who decided to vacation in Albania in our home! My dad went around the whole country with them, and it was all for naught! Not only did the Englishman not offer any invite to us in England, he brought his neighbor with him!

The American Embassy had really opened shop in Albania at this time. They were even offering Fulbright Grants to those few who dared apply for them. A Fulbright Grant, those of you “not in the business” is essentially a year of university research abroad. And if there is a daring man out there, it is my dad. He really wanted to get out of Albania. I probably would have stayed put! So tipped off by a colleague of his at the Art Institute, my dad heard about these great grants and he headed off right away to the American Embassy. But as these things usually are, once he goes there, he finds out they had already run out. They had only a few. So my dad, I imagine, was very disappointed, but while he was there he met the man in charge of the Fulbright Program in Albania, an American called John. My dad gave him a copy of his book, and this gesture and the fact he even had a book, I believe impressed John. John was a kind man. He felt sympathy for my dad, and he was in a tight spot himself having no Fulbright for him, but he could not help him. Yet, a couple of days more pass, and again as these things usually are, John calls my dad with great news. A couple more Fulbright Grants had come in from America and he told my dad to apply. My dad applied, and the rest is history. In the meanwhile, my dad invited John over to our apartment for dinner; this dinner however was different in that it was a celebration. We never heard from John again. As we left for America, he left for Asia.  (Excerpt from)