Motivational quotes 4/28/17

Stick to the routine.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Give one hundred percent of your attention to the person you’re speaking with and make them feel like they’re the center of the universe.

No one makes it alone. Everyone needs a community, to bring them up when they’re down. -Josh Shipp

Live together… die alone. (folk)

Admit a mistake halfway, and change course before its too late.

Enjoy things; whether its a trivial moment in the day, or whether its a big party, enjoy it!

Live for others – Tolstoy

Respect is earned when respect is shown.

Live for virtue.


Motivational Quotes 4/14/17

Work will keep your mind off your worries.

Live up to your own standards.

No one knows you better than you know yourself.

No one can help you better than you can help yourself.

Never underestimate the healing power of humor. Use humor to turn a bleak situation upside down on its head.

Life is a test. Heaven is the reward.

Not big things, but little things; they are the difference.

Reach out.

You have to earn it.

Catch all the breaks!

motivational quotes 3/17/17

The hand that you hold is the hand that holds you down –everclear

Everything counts!

Have presence of mind

Whenever in deep trouble, the way to make it back is one small step at a time.

Destiny hold my hand protect me from the world. -Radiohead

The truth always comes out … in the end.

If you talk long enough and have good things to say people will listen.

It takes years to get there, but it’s in the works today…

motivational quotes June 20, 2016

Each year has its unique challenges

A swan outside of its pond is an ugly duckling -folk

play the hand you’ve been dealt -bone thugs n harmony

laughter is the best medicine

There are always two choices -julie wilkes

Don’t let your life get dull

Life is a journey; not a destination.

We don’t need a revolution. We need many small changes

Something makes a difference

Get rid of the “all or nothing” mentality. Replace it with the “something makes a difference” mentality.

Who do I mean? For example, let’s say you want to solve world hunger. But of course you know you cannot do it! You’re just one man/woman/child. And you get upset because you can’t fix it. So you don’t do anything.

Or let’s say you want to become a musician. But you know you just cannot amass a national following, like they can. And so you get frustrated and upset. And don’t become a musician at all.

Or suppose you see a pretty girl. And you wish you could ask her out. But you get upset because you can’t and so you just don’t talk to her.

Notice in all those scenarios, we have an “all or nothing” attitude. Because you can’t do it all, you do nothing.

But if you replace the “all or nothing” attitude, with the “something makes a difference” attitude, then you could achieve your wish, become happier, have a better day.

In the “solve world hunger” scenario it’s enough to donate a few coins to a beggar.

In the “to be a musician” scenario, its enough to play a few gigs around town.

In the romantic scenario, it’s enough to talk to a girl and engage her, rather than walk away entirely.

Something makes a difference.



don’t quit when something becomes a little difficult

Should we expect stuff to be easy in life? No! And that’s where the problem comes in when we expect success without resistance, success without effort, success without obstacles. And we quit just because something small stopped us! We get into a pattern of quitting. But the fact of the matter is there is nothing in life that is easy. Even a good thing has moments of discomfort. Even a vacation has moments of difficulty.

Let me share a quick example with you. I was in a retreat recently in Hocking Hills, Ohio with a religious group of college kids (even though I am a graduate!). And we were in front of our lodge, in the middle of the woods, early in the morning, and we gathered for mass. And we all had to stand up as the sermon was held. And I thought to myself, “Oh my God I have to stand!” And then it occurred to me, “Don’t quit when something becomes a little difficult.” I think we give up all too easily nowadays. Or at least I do. So that’s I am going to tell myself and that is what I am going to tell you. Don’t be a quitter.

Let me share another thing with you that I learned. The retreat was not all fun. There was no TV! There was no technology. There was not much to do. The way we young people passed the time was by talking, cooking, and even hiking, and playing board games. So there were those moments, in my head, of dullness . . . But now I realize that those moments taught me something, not through words, but through experience. Whenever I am at home and the day is not going well, I am reminded of that retreat. Even though there were boring moments, no one complained; every one lived life on even in “hardship”. And it taught to just to do as we did during that weekend. Not to whine but just to live.  The mind is like a muscle that must be be trained by living.